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Evolving Shared Custody Schedules for Infants

Child psychologists agree that infants thrive with consistency and routine. Divorced parents may mistakenly feel this means that only one parent should care for the baby all the time while the other parent makes minimal visitations. However, the latest studies … Continue reading

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Vacations and Parenting Plans for School Age Children

Vacations are a relaxing time when children can build fond memories with parents, away from the confines of normal life. As you create a parenting plan for school age children, working out vacations can be complicated due to everyone’s hectic … Continue reading

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Parenting Plan for Young Children: Anticipating Big Changes

Your parenting plan for young children covers many aspects about your children’s lives. Most parents focus on the day-to-day issues such as child care, overnights and school attendance. There’s no way to anticipate everything and sometimes parents new to co-parenting … Continue reading

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Parenting Plan for Infants: Time With Each Parent

When you create a parenting plan for your infant, schedule as much time as possible for each parent to develop a relationship with the baby. A successful custody schedule puts the needs of the infant first, rather than the personal … Continue reading

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