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Parenting Plan Template for Babies

Children of different age groups have different needs. As parents make a parenting plan after they divorce or separate, one of the first things to consider is the child’s age. For parents with babies (ages 0-18 months) here is a … Continue reading

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Making a Visitation Calendar

One of the easiest ways to compile your custody and visitation information is to put everything on a calendar. You can then keep your visitation calendar readily available so you always know the right pick-up and drop-off times, can see … Continue reading

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Visitation Schedules that Work–Including 3rd Party Time

The child custody software Custody X Change has just released a new feature that allows parents to include 3rd party time in their visitation schedules. Many parents make their visitation schedule so that it only shows the time that the … Continue reading

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Choosing a Sole or Joint Child Custody Agreement

Is a sole or joint custody agreement the best one for your child and your custody situation? To help you decide, this post looks at the main differences between a sole and joint agreement so that you can see what … Continue reading

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A Model Parenting Plan Template

As you begin to make your parenting plan, or as you look to modify or make changes to your existing parenting plan, it can be informative to look at examples of other plans. Looking at a model parenting plan can … Continue reading

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