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Sample Parenting Time Schedules Part 2

Let’s look at some more sample parenting time schedules. This post will continue looking at schedules where the child lives primarily with one parent and visits the other parent. These schedules are all variations on the basic weekend schedule (where … Continue reading

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Example Parenting Time Schedules Part 1

Setting up a parenting time schedule is an enormous task for divorced and separated parents. Many times, parents aren’t even sure how to begin making the schedule. The most frequent question asked is if there are any common example parenting … Continue reading

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How to Get the Other Parent to Follow the Custody Agreement

Some of the most frequent stories we hear are from divorced and separated parents who are trying to follow the custody agreement, but they are having a hard time because the other parent isn’t following it. Is there any way … Continue reading

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Visitation Timeshare Calculator

What’s a visitation timeshare calculator? Can it help you in your custody situation? A visitation timeshare calculator calculates the percentage of time that the mother and father have with the children. So, if you have a this calculator when you … Continue reading

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Sample Parenting Agreements Part 2

In the last post we explored some sample custody and visitation schedules. In this part of the sample parenting agreements series, we’ll look at the second big section of the parenting agreement. Custody Provisions and Stipulations Once you have your … Continue reading

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Custody X Change 3.15

Custody X Change version 3.15 has been released. This update changes the principle interaction with the repeating cycle and vacations.  The new interactions are: Left Click: Does nothing (previously it swapped up to a 24-hour period). Left-Click & Drag: Swap … Continue reading

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Sample Parenting Agreements Part 1

Many parents feel confused and overwhelmed as they begin the process of making their parenting agreement. This is understandable, because there is a lot of information about parenting agreements that parents need to process. Many states also have different requirements … Continue reading

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A Visitation Timeshare Calculator and Lowering Child Support Payments

Can a visitation timeshare calculator help you lower child support payments? Well, a visitation timeshare calculator is something that calculates the timeshare percentage that each parent has with the children. For example, if a mother and father both split the … Continue reading

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New Features in Custody X Change

There are some exciting new features in Custody X Change! In case you haven’t heard, Custody X Change is great custody software that lets parents set up their parenting plans and custody agreements. The software makes it easy to create … Continue reading

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Parenting Time Schedules

What should go into your parenting time schedule? The parenting time schedule is the calendar that shows when the child is with each parent. It is also commonly called the custody and visitation schedule. Some states call it the parenting … Continue reading

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Parenting Agreements

A parenting agreement is another word for custody agreement and parenting plan. Basically, your parenting agreement should contain the information about your child custody arrangements after you and the other parent divorce or separate. You make this agreement so that … Continue reading

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Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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