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Guidelines for Child Custody Rights

Every state has different child custody laws, so you need to make sure that you are very well acquainted with the laws in your state when involved in a custody situation. However, there are general child custody guidelines that the … Continue reading

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Making a Child Custody Schedule

Custody X Change makes it easy to create your personal, customized child custody schedule. With Custody X Change, you can choose from a list of common repeating cycles, or you can create your own. After the schedule is applied to … Continue reading

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Child Custody Rules

Parents involved in a custody situation need to learn the laws and child custody rules that guide the process of custody. Now, every state has different rules and guidelines about child custody. You can find information about your state’s custody … Continue reading

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Resolving a Child Custody Dispute

What changes a custody case into a dispute? It can actually happen over any number of things. Basically, if the mother and father in a custody case aren’t able to come to an agreement about their custody issues, a child … Continue reading

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Unmarried Parents and Child Custody

An unmarried father and mother who are no longer together have to work out their child custody situation. Unmarried parents face the same decisions as divorced parents about child custody agreements, child support, and raising the children in separate households. … Continue reading

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Child Custody During Separation

Sometimes parents separate because they need some time to work on and figure out some marital issues. Sometimes the parents separate once they decide to divorce–and the separation is intended to be permanent. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to … Continue reading

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Parenting Plan Template

Custody X Change provides a great parenting plan template for parents who are creating their custody agreement. This is a screen shot of the tabs in Custody X Change. In the software, you simply click on the tab to create … Continue reading

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Step Parenting and Child Custody

Step parenting brings a host of challenges to the step parent. Some of those challenges arise from complications with the child custody situation. Here are some tips for step parents about coping with some of the child custody difficulties. 1. … Continue reading

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Help for Child Custody Issues

Divorcing parents are going to need help figuring out all of their child custody issues. Fortunately, there are many resources for parents searching for child custody help. Here’s a brief overview of just some of the ways that parents can … Continue reading

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Child Custody Modification

If you want to change your existing child custody order, then you need to go through a process to get it modified. Now, every state has different laws and procedures that govern child custody modifications, so if you want to … Continue reading

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Grandparents and Child Custody

If you’re a grandparent and your child is going through a divorce, you may have some concerns about the child custody situation of your grandchildren. Grandparent’s worries range from wondering how much they’ll get to see their grandchildren after the … Continue reading

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Parental Custody and Child Visitation

Parental custody is the term used to imply the rights and duties that parents have towards their children. Basically, parents have the obligation to care and provide for their children financially, physically, emotionally, and otherwise until their children are adults. … Continue reading

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Child Custody Rights of Mothers and Fathers

Both mothers and fathers need to know their child custody rights when they begin a custody case. If both parents understand their rights and obligations, it can help them to work out the best agreement for the children. Here are … Continue reading

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Answers to Common Child Custody Questions

Parents involved in a child custody situation have a lot of questions. Here are some answers to frequently asked child custody questions. 1. Do I have to hire a lawyer? Parents do not have to hire an attorney for their … Continue reading

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Filing for Temporary Custody

As soon as one parent moves out of the house, or the parents separate, they need to think about what they’re going to do about child custody. Usually during this time the parents are in a stage of waiting. They … Continue reading

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