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Importance of Tracking in Child Custody

Last week we revealed the new tracking feature that Custody X Change offers. We’re excited to have this additional feature in the software and we think it can be very useful for parents and their child custody. Custody X Change … Continue reading

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Preparing for Child Custody Mediation

Many couples who attend child custody mediation find that it helps them figure out their custody situation. Custody mediation is recommended for any set of parents who have a hard time working together to form a custody agreement. This includes … Continue reading

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Common Custody Forms and Papers

If you are in the process, or about to begin the process, of filing for child custody, you need to know some of the common child custody forms that you need to fill out. Now, every state has different laws … Continue reading

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Win Child Custody with Family Law Software

If you want to win child custody in your custody situation, you need to explore all of the resources that can help you. You may be surprised to learn that there is software that can help your custody case. Family … Continue reading

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Custody Advice for Child Visitation

As parents set up a custody agreement, the child generally lives with one parent and has visitation with the other parent. Parents who have this type of custody situation can take action to make the most of their child visitation. … Continue reading

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Back to School!

The end of the summer is approaching, and that means the kids are going back to school. If you have school age children, this can be an exciting time as they get ready for their new school year. The new … Continue reading

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Child Support Software

If you are paying or receiving child support, you want to make sure that the amount being paid is accurate. It can be difficult to know if the amount is correct, because every state has different laws about how child … Continue reading

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Co-Parenting With Teenagers

This is the final installment about co-parenting and shared parenting with different age groups. Here are some suggestions for making a co-parenting plan if you have teenagers. Ages 13-15 During this time period, young adolescents start to gain independence from … Continue reading

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Shared Parenting With Grade School Children

Continuing with our posts about setting up shared parenting arrangements with different ages of children, today’s post looks at parenting plans for grade school children. We’ll look at plans for children ages 5-9 and plans for ages 10-12. Ages 5-9 … Continue reading

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Co-Parenting With Toddlers and Young Children

We’re continuing the posts about setting up joint custody arrangements for different ages of children. Today we’ll look at suggestions for setting up a co-parenting schedule for toddlers and young children. Toddlers (18-36 months) During the time as a toddler, … Continue reading

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Shared Parenting Plans for Babies

Children have different needs according to their ages. As you are creating a custody agreement, you should consider your child’s age and make a schedule that works for that age. Over the next few days, we’ll go over suggestions for … Continue reading

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Win Child Custody

Ultimately, the way to win child custody is for everyone to be happy with the parenting plan or custody agreement. If both parents and the children feel good about the arrangement, then everyone will be more likely to uphold it … Continue reading

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Helping Your Child Through a Custody Battle

Will a bitter child custody battle harm your child? It can certainly affect them in negative ways. Depending on the age of your child, they may or may not fully understand what is going on, but even the youngest child … Continue reading

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Custody & Visitation Tracking

A new version of Custody X Change has just been released! This new version offers a way to track visitation time and keep notes about visitation. We are very excited to offer this feature to people and we hope it … Continue reading

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Example Shared Parenting Custody Schedules — 2/2/3 and Variations Alternating Weeks

Parents who want equal time with their children should try a shared parenting arrangement. Shared parenting is another word for joint custody or co-parenting. Some of the previous posts cover examples and samples of different custody schedules. We’ll look at … Continue reading

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